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Speaking Tree: the most famous weekly magazine on spirituality wrote on 17 March 2013:

Origin Of Divinity

Almost all religious scriptures the world over claim that one or other god created human and other living beings; however, science has not yet identified any supernatural power that created, nourished and governed human beings. Did primeval humans come up with the idea of gods to help them cope with their fears? Could it be that they attributed natural phenomena to some unseen divine powers or gods?

In his book, The Evolution of Gods, Ajay Kansal utilises modern science to explain why, when and how ancient people invented religions and gods. It is a compilation of anthropological and historical facts about the evolution of gods, and describes how
human imagination created gods, not the other way around.

The book begins from the period, some 100,000 years ago, when the human race invented language and began to discuss and analyse each happening around them. Whatever event they could not comprehend, their priests attributed that to some unseen power. Humans began worshipping each seen or unseen power, which was beyond their control. Priests all over the world invented almost identical methods of worship, such as folding their hands, bowing, kneeling, offering flowers and sacrifices,and chanting prayers.
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IBN Live wrote:

‘Evolution of Gods’ raises a valid question on the existence of Gods

Ajay Kansal in his latest book ‘The Evolution of Gods’ attempts to explain religious scriptures from the world over. He talks about how most religions claim that God has made man, although no supernatural power has been identified by science that created and governed humans. According to the author, men could perceive gods and demons only after they invented language. There are several similarities in the ancient scriptures which later fashioned the organized religions of the world.
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Famous American book Reviewer Book Shark (Pen Name) who is # 200 ranked reviewer on Amazon wrote:

Unique and Welcomed Perspective, December 12, 2012

“The Evolution of Gods” is a very ambitious and interesting book that explains the evolution of gods. It explains the when, why and how humankind invented divine powers. The book focuses on archaeological and literary evidence. It also provides a brief history on Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity. Dr Kansal does a commendable job of supporting his main argument that the gods have been invented by humankind. This insightful 212-page book is composed of the following eleven chapters.
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Eminent author, reviewer and blogger Reshmy Pillai Wrote on her Blog:

Did gods create mankind, or did mankind created gods?

The back cover screams this question at the reader with the preamble concluding that this book by Ajay Kansal deals with establishing the fact that anthropologies and histories lead to one conclusion – mankind created gods!

The writer starts off with a very arresting question in the preface – Why are there many religions but only one science on the earth and you would expect a atheist’s rant coming along in the next 200 odd pages. But he surprises with the balance and poise of his argument with never the book turning onto an anti-theist track. Ajay Kansal takes us along on the journey of the evolution of mankind from the nomadic human to the agriculturist to the social animal by tracing his religious evolution.
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Proud to be Indian wrote:

The book Evolution of Gods by Ajay Kansal is a different kind of book where the author manages to establish the fact that anthropology and history lead to a conclusion which proves that mankind has created gods. It is not among one of the best books but it is a very decent one for by and large understanding of Religious Evolution of Mankind which moved from new problems to new gods to new religions. Anyone who has interest in such subject will like the book but I am not very sure about others.
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A Biochemist turned Writer Ms Ruchira wrote on her Blog:

The Evolution of Gods is an in-depth nonfiction on why Man depends on God,and the author takes pains to describe our history in depth from all over the world by going back centuries. It was a good revision going down our chronicle of events, which began with the essence of life and death of the man and then introduction to God, which gave birth to various religions.
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Famous Book Reviewer and writer Mr. Norm Goldman Wrote:

For thousands of years there has existed a diversity of arguments concerning the existence or nonexistence of God, and I am sure if you ever followed a college course in Philosophy or Religion, you probably have come across some of these debates proposed by philosophers, theologians, scientists, and others. Some of the familiar names that have articulated an opinion one way or another include Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus, St. Anselm, Aquinas, Descartes, Kant, Hume, Nietzche, Russell, and many others.

To add another voice to the debate we now have Dr Ajay Kansal, author of The Evolution of the Gods.
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Revered reviewer and author Nikita Johari Wrote :

Are Gods real? Did they exist at one time on Earth or are they just a figment of our imagination? Did God create the first couple on earth? How did plants, animals, insects etc. come to be?

All these and more questions have been of immense interest to humans from centuries. The natural curiosity about the origin of life though documented throughout history has always featured some unexplained parts which Science has not been able to explain leaving imaginative people at liberty to spin all kinds of tales to suit their immediate needs.
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Famous blogger Dr Sanchit Bhandari wrote on his blog “Musings of Immortals”:

The Evolution of Gods: The Scientific Origin of Divinity And Religions is a book for atheists to sharpen their weapons and also a one for believers to enrich their faith in the Almighty. Dr Kansal, an ardent proponent of atheism who challenges the very existence of God and denies rationality of religions has brought out the best in me to consolidate my faith in Lord RAMA. Prior to this I never reflected back upon my religion with such a critical mindset, but the stir this book has created in my mind has led me to find scientific basis of my beliefs. The result is my faith now stands on concrete pillars which I guess wouldn’t be swayed by the strongest of the torpedoes.
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Blogger Ms Namrata (www.Privy wrote:

When I first got the book for review I was curious to read it because it questions many of our age old beliefs.I have had the chance to interact with the author in an interview and then even had the opportunity to host him on a guest post here letting me have a sneak peek in what can be called as his thought process.Firstly I appreciate the author’s research that has gone behind this book. It takes a huge amount of effort to challenge something that is almost as deeply routed in our psyche as our DNA. Each and every chapter in this book speaks volumes about the detailing the author has put in.

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Reviews by Eminent authors

Katherine L. Holmes: Author of ‘The House in Windward Leaves’, wrote:
Hi Dr Ajay, This is fascinating and a point-to-point compilation of ancient peoples’ beliefs, discoveries, and possible explanations. It can be followed by a wide readership. Your research seems well-done. The charm of this is the logical process used and your ability to imagine the primitive peoples. Phrases like “To unveil Nature, one has to sit patiently in its lap” are also illustrative.

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Gretchen Steen: Author of ‘Drágön Spawn’, wrote:
A very ambitious, concise and may be to some controversial subject. Well written and referenced work. I wish you get worldwide coverage.

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Mark Schietinger: Author of ‘From the Edge, Rising’, wrote:
A very bold and fascinating book, well written and point to the point. Very much enjoyed the way Dr. Kansal presents historical situations and thesis. An excellent read that gives one reason to think. Well done!

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Amanda Paulger: Author of ‘Kin of the Owl’, wrote:
Dr,I wish I had seen this book when I was doing my study on mythology last semester. I have yet to read such fascinating questions and concepts.