The Root of Corruption in India

Today, corruption is the top most agenda for debate in India. Almost every politician and media personnel seems to be committed to control it. To eradicate some disease, it is necessary to hit its causative factors. Similarly, in order to control corruption, first we need to decipher its root cause. Let us consider, why there are more corrupt leaders than the honest ones, while people elected them by choice, just a few years ago? Apart from this, many corrupt leaders are re-elected. Why people choose to vote a corrupt candidate for MLA or MP.
The most important factor behind this fallacy is the team of workers behind each candidate contesting election. Let us study the faces of this team which ascertain their candidature and win. It is a known secret that almost every constituency, all over the country, is full of local mafias operating in different fields. For example: land, sand, mine, liquor, education, builders, transport, theater, cables, petrol pumps, nursing homes, govt. contracts, etc. These local dons need the help of politicians and officers to run their legal and illegal businesses. Therefore, most of them have joined one or the other party: if they get ticket, they context election; otherwise, they support the candidate of their choice and prepare their own ground for the future election. Their status varies from local goon to state level mafia.

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Terrorism-a short cut to heaven

Since time immemorial, human conflicts revolved around basic needs such as food, sex and shelter; that struggle for survival was sane and rational. During the last two thousand years, many people all over the globe fought for one more but insane reason: they battled to establish that their religion and gods were more powerful and genuine than others. People of many states made syndicates under the banner of their religions and attacked other states. They forced people of other religions to follow them and worship their gods. What were the motives behind such barbaric activities? Why did countless devotees of Jesus violate his core teachings? Why did many followers of Moses refuse to follow the Ten Commandments?

In fact, after prophets, the subsequent priests changed the doctrines in coalition with contemporary kings. They instigated an altogether new concept; they propagated that devotees must try their best to spread their religion. They proclaimed that to publicise the glory of gods was a pious activity, which appeased the gods and ensured them heaven after death. Consequently, many people began devoting their entire life to the purpose of spreading their religion.

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The Evolution and Impact of Demigods

The last three decades have been witness to the evolution of an exclusively new class of Babas or demigods in India. Their devotees consider them as gods. These five-star Babas preach about myths, prayers, morals, Yoga, meditation, divine remedies, etc. The prominent reasons of the sudden rise of this divine service agency are as follows: human miseries, poverty, injustice, ambitions, faith, illiteracy, devotional channels and almost negligible fear of Indian law.
Today, most people have developed never- ending desires in almost every aspect of their life, may it be education, carrier, prosperity, luxuries or relationship. Ambitions, possessiveness, arrogance, greed and jealousy are the major motivating forces behind many humans’ behavior today. The preference for individualism over community has rendered the common person lonely and depressed. Furthermore, sedentary lifestyle has exposed people to new diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, cancer, mental illness, etc. Modern medical scientists have many drugs to control, but not to cure these illnesses; consequently, people look towards Yoga or some divine remedies. While a simple physical exercise, say a daily walk of 4 km, may provide a far better relief than any Yoga.

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How the Invention of Language & Writing Transformed the Human life

Today, Information Technology (IT) has transformed the face of the earth. Let’s visualize the process. It is believed that eminent scientist Alexander Graham Bell, around 150 years ago, discovered the technique of telephony and it was the birth of IT. Several scholars assert that some five thousand years ago, humans learnt the art of writing and that was the beginning of IT. However, the first foundation stone of IT was laid, in prehistoric era, by the invention of spoken languages—the soul of all human communications.
Today, scientists have established that the human race was not created by some divine power: it was a product of a gradual evolution. Most anthropologists assert that the human race came into being some two hundred thousand (200,000) years ago. At that time, people lived as nomads in the groups or bands of fifty to a hundred members; they often used fire and stone tools. They had not yet learnt language, clothing, morals, religion or cultivation. Furthermore, they depended upon hunting quarry and gathering wild vegetables for their survival.

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The Fundamental Motive of Terrorists

Why do modern youths turn into terrorists and endanger their life? What desires, motives or ambitions do they intend to achieve after killing the innocents? Apart from the unemployed and uneducated ones, many educated and prosperous people are committing terrorist activities.

Let us try to analyse the motive of countless terrorists fighting with a serious risk to their lives. What may be the attraction or passion of a suicide bomber? What blessing can attract somebody to dedicate their most prized possession, the life?

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