About the Book

This book scientifically describes why, when, and how humanity created superhuman powers called gods. What kind of human sufferings necessitated them to bow down before unseen powers? The book is an attempt to put together anthropological and historical facts about the development of religions. The facts mentioned have been cited from the standard textbooks listed on the last pages of the book.

The book begins from the period when human race came into being—between two to four hundred thousand years ago. During that period, the human race lived like other wild animals: they were not aware of any god or demon. Around one hundred thousand years ago, the great invention of language changed the destiny of the human race. With the help of language, people began discussing each happening around them. Whatever they could not understand, priest of their group imagined some unseen power behind it.

At one point in time, worldwide priests discovered an activity called worship. People began to worship the powers, which were beyond their control, but could either harm or help them. They believed that worship could protect them and sought the blessings of that power. Priests advised almost similar methods of worship, such as folding hands, bowing, kneeling, offering flowers, chanting prayers or sacrifices. Later, priests designated these powers as gods.

For example, humankind faced extreme cold during the last Ice Age. Their survival was exclusively dependent on sunlight, and Sun was beyond their control: they initiated worship of Sun. There is enough evidence to assert that the ancestors of Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians and Muslims worshipped Sun before their religions came into practice.

Around five thousand years ago, humans faced famines. Soon, priests of many places, suggested farmers to worship mother goddesses and phallus. History demonstrates that whenever people faced a new challenge, priests discovered a more useful deity and consigned the older one to oblivion.
Around three thousand years ago onwards, humans faced new diseases such as cholera, tuberculosis, typhoid and plague. Not only bodily diseases, population explosion gave rise to social diseases too such as poverty, inequality, injustice, crime or exploitation. People began to live a miserable life not better than a hell. Around this time, a few geniuses such as the Buddha, Moses or Jesus discovered the causes and remedies of human sufferings.
Moses imagined a new god more powerful than Sun and the sky who was responsible for all human suffering. The Buddha propagated that human miseries were punishments for their sins. Jesus believed that demons were causing the illnesses. Contemporary priests wrote teachings and magical stories of these geniuses as holy books. These books advised worship, sacrifices, magic or morals to eradicate human miseries. These ancient holy books fashioned the organized religions of today. Today, misinterpretations of the holy books are nourishing religious terrorism, which is like a mental disease. To eradicate the terrorism, new generations must learn when, why, and how gods and religions were created. The knowledge may vaccinate new generations against the disease of religious terrorism.

Have you ever thought why there are many religions and there is only one science on the Earth? Religious concepts of different people are altogether different. For example, one religious people sacrifice animals to appease their gods; whereas, devotees of other religion appease their gods through the service of those animals. On the contrary, scientific principles of the world are exactly similar. There is one concrete reason behind existence of many religious concepts and only one science on the Earth. About one thing or concept, there is only one truth but there can be many lies.

Today, humankind has to conceive a global religion of humane values. The human race conceived and worshipped their gods as their creator and nurturer. Science has not yet identified any supernatural power that created, governed, punished, or rewarded human beings. This book is an effort to light a candle in the darkest corner of human consciousness.

After learning language, mankind recognized many powers around them, which were beyond their control but could harm or help them. People began to worship those powers. For example, during the last Ice Age, people recognized the Sun as their savior, which was beyond their control. After this knowledge, mankind initiated worship of the Sun…..

There is enough evidence to assert that the ancestors of Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians, and Muslims worshipped the Sun before their religions came into practice. People learnt the solar worship in the similar way they learnt to make tools, to ignite fire, to speak language, and many more things…..

Around three thousand years ago and later, mankind suffered new diseases, poverty, exploitation, crime, and injustice. Visionaries of those ages, such as the Buddha, Moses, Zoroaster, and Jesus, endeavoured to explain and eradicate human miseries. They visualized several gods and demons behind human sufferings. They propagated many morals and methods of worship to eradicate the sufferings. After their death, priests documented their teachings as holy books such as the Bible, the Avesta, etc. Priests propagated the allegories mentioned in these scriptures as history. These ancient scriptures fashioned organized religions of the world…..